Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We are family

They say you cannot pick your family or your sexuality. After many years of not being happy with either, I feel that I am comfortable with both. I would not change either....It is month six of my amazing adventure. So much has happened, it is hard to find the time to write. I partied in London, swam in Turkey, studied Italian and drank delicious South African wine in Cape Town.

I am in Bogota now, the city of my birth. My father and my brother live here. My father is getting older and is ill. I wanted to spend a good month here. I find it really important to be in touch with my roots...my history. I’m an avid history fan. To me history is like one of those amazing stories that your grandfather tells you at dinner time.

When I was young, the lights would go out in Colombia. There still are electricity shortages at times. My father or grandfather would tell us stories about their youth...how they were very poor (everyone in Colombia was poor in the old days) and how they came from the country to the big city to find work. Both my father and grandfather were self made men..who had little schooling but managed to have their own businesses and do well.

I spent an afternoon with my grandmother who is 82 trying to trace back our family line. So much has changed in her generation. She now uses her mobile phone and still lives alone. She’s adapted to society - she was the type of person who used to look down on women who lived with their boyfriends before marriage. Now, she’s open to having a gay grandson and having grandchildren who have children without getting married. Times changed and she has changed with it.

I went out with grandmother the other day. We went for dinner and to drink wine. She’s so wise and never misses anything. She has been widowed since my grandfather died a few years ago, but she seems content and happy being alone. She married very young and raised six kids, never really had anytime for herself. After she cared for her children, she cared for my grandfather who had al. What a remarkable woman...a real inspiration...and someone who loves me and supports me unconditionally.

I never know how far I can push the boundaries with grandma. We never talk about boys or sex...but every once in a while she’s make a joke or comment...and I’ll think..she definitely knows what is going on....I think she reads Cosmopolitan.

I hope she’ll live for a long time. The clock is ticking and living abroad away from family makes me miss them even more. I’m trying to cherish each and every moment.


  1. I'm glad to read that you have the opportunity to spend time with your family in Columbia. I'm also happy that we had a chance to meet briefly when you were here in Boston. Its been wonderful reading about your trek around the world.

  2. On your Granma "I think she reads Cosmopolitan". LoL! She must be a cool granma!