Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It is the middle of November. Where has this year gone. Time never stands still. I am also done with my journey. It has been an amazing six months filled with new people, adventures a lot of food. Have I found what I am looking for? possibly. I have found myself. India and the USA remain.

I can see the end though. I can’t be the traveller forever. At some point, I will need to settle down, get a job, buy a house and live like everyone else. But I will always be better for it, for jumping into the unknown..packing a suitcase and traveling around the world. I’ll have no regrets...

I still believe something wonderful is just around the corner? a new love? a new job? a new city to explore...and many friendships to be made. The trip was not cheap but it was certainly an investment in myself. I read somewhere that the happiest people in the world were the ones that invested in themselves (education, travel, new car) not the ones who held cash in the bank or stocks in the market. Maybe I am just trying to rationalise it all.

I feel like my mission here in Colombia has been accomplished. I came to reconnect with my family and I have...I have realised that you can never really disconnect from family. They are always there...even if you are not around. I’ve realised the importance of family in my life.

I’m off to Peru tomorrow to Machu Picchu the land of my ancestors. Well...I guess they could really be all of our ancestors. I hear there is amazing positive energy around Machu Picchu, similar to that experienced at the Pyramids in Egypt. I am going with my brother. We have not travelled in a while and this is an opportunity to bond and have our own unique experience. Time has not stood still. My brother is no longer my baby brother...he’s got a serious job, a mortgage and a girlfriend. He’s a man who I have not spent time with in a long while.

Time never stands still even when you are traveling back in time...so make each second count and do what you want to do tomorrow today. You never know if tomorrow will come.

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