Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Out of Africa

It has been a while..I have been too busy living life to have time to write. Where to begin...New York...forget America. I’m back in Africa. I’m in Cape Town, my most favourite city in the world...I’m having an affair with this magical keeps calling me...drawing me back.

When I was contemplating moving to Australia, I also considered South Africa. Fate would send me to Australia twelve years ago. I always wandered what would have happened if I had come here. What if... I came to South Africa for the first time last May and even though it was winter I fell in love with Cape Town.

There is something about Table Mountain, the coastline, the mix of people - cultures and energy. It is European, African and beautiful all in one. I need to live here..somehow..sometime.

I am living with two crazy gay guys in a bed and breakfast in the middle of town. Everyone calls John “Mama” as he likes to take care of everyone else. Mama is in her mid 50s and is from the UK. He seems to not work but lives a fabulous life. I still do not know what he did back in London but he seems to enjoy the most of Cape Town. He chases after younger boys and drinks from breakfast until sunrise. He reminds me of Patsy in Ab Fab. He never seems to eat but is always smoking a ciggie.

His business partner is my friend Daniel. He’s a bit older than me and also lives in the guesthouse helping Mama run it. Daniel and I shagged last time I was in Cape Town. He’s become a good friend - but the attraction is no longer there or maybe it was never there.

Capetonians are very friendly. And I’ve started dating. I’m having a bit of an affair with a Kenyan born South African named Sven. His family is German. I’m really into him. I like him and we have had a few great dates and nights. I think he’s worried and hesitant as I am leaving in a week but we both know we have a special connection.

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  1. Cape Town is one of my "Must Visit" places. Don't gloss over on this part of the trip. I'm really interested in what you see and do.