Sunday, September 25, 2011

Those who can't do....teach

I saw DC boy. He called me. He knew it was my last weekend in Washington DC. We went to see a movie (Contagion). Not very romantic “Don’t touch me!”.... it is about a killer plague that spreads through body contact. But what followed was romantic - dinner and drinks at Poste - the original post office building that has been turned into a trendy bar/restaurant.

It was a muggy night in Washington DC. The sky had this pink colour to it. Poste has a indoor courtyard surrounded by the old post office building (white and government looking). The pink sky made the whole thing seem surreal - or maybe it was the fact we lived through the movie.

Wine, cheese platter and antipasto. It took me back to our first date back in Roma. I really miss Rome. I dream about it. This was the best summer of my life. I often forget how good life is...really. I have everything that I need and want - living it minute by minute.

I got to know DC boy a bit better - he told me he was in a bad once - had long hair and lived in Boston and New York. We lived in Boston at the sametime but funny how our paths never crossed. I told him about Australia and South Africa and how one little decision (accident actually) had taken me there - and changed my life. Funny - how sometime live turns out.

Earlier in the day I had bumped into old work colleague from Sydney on the Metro. He’s gay too. I was shocked. So random. The world is so small after all. He too had taken time off to travel - told me I had inspired him. We worked in different floors and projects - but I saw him from time to time at random work functions. 2011 really is the year of change.

DC boy is a teacher. I told him I thought everyone really was some sort of teacher - I’ve learned so much the last few months - from random strangers to friends to family - everyone and every connection can teach you something - teach you to love, to be patient, to be yourself - Italian, to cook, to be a better person.

We went back to DC boy’s place. We definately have a connection - no labels...there just is..I know and he knows. We see it in each other’s eyes. It was a magical connection - night and day. I forget that you can really connect - two men can... in the now...not worrying about what it means...where it is going...what will happen next. Tonight we’ll be lovers..tomorrow...who knows. Who cares.

I feel good about myself. It is not because of a man. I think being happy makes you feel good - look good. I have never gotten so much attention before. I do not need a man - but I am connecting with them. Three months down and three more more to go - South Africa, South America, India...more learning..and hopefully more teaching.

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