Friday, September 2, 2011

Second Date

I think Washington DC is the dating capital of the world. Everyone here wants a date. The guys are preppy, clean cute...and well they want to to know you. I am confused. Coming from NSA sex central is all a bit of a new experience.

I had a second date with DC guy. I actually met him in Rome. He’s 33, preppy, a bit chunky...he’s a Catholic school teacher He’s a nice guy. I find myself drawn to him for some reason. He’s not my type but I find him sexy..interesting.

We had chatted on GRINDR for two weeks. I think he messaged me while he was on his family vacation. The night before he was leaving Italy, once he family left, we caught up in Rome. It was one of those perfect nights...perfect first dates...dinner, music, wine...more wine. We ended up making out in his room. He’s a great kisser. But when I like someone, I want to delay full on sex. I joked with him that our date had to be PG13. So only some touching and shirts off..but nothing hard core.

My friends always tease me - I’ll fuck anyone but I become all shy when I like someone...when I want it to be more than NSA. He told me we should meet up while in DC.

So meet up we did last night. I went over to see his new apartment (Catholic teachers are paid well!) and we went for Mexican. I recommend trying plum Margaritas. At dinner, he had told me how we was not ready to be in a relationship, he kept attracting all these guys that were really into relationships and needy and clingy. How he was not romantic and was not a good guy to date.

I get the hint. I thought to myself. I guess if I lived here, I would like to date him. But I always seem to attract the commitment phobic guys!!! He got out of an 8 year relationship like a year and a half. So he needs to have fun.

I was trying not to be clingy. I thought we could be friends. He wanted to show me his balcony view. So one thing leads to another...ok...maybe friends with benefits. This time the fooling around was NC17. It was hot. I do not think I’m good at sex but last night...even I knew I was doing something good. The weird thing is me and DC boy have this chemistry. He’s not my type yet when we make out or’s like fireworks. It is really strange. He pushes my buttons. But he’s just after some fun. I’m leaving for South Africa in a month. So why not...if it is good why not.

The sex was definitely couply sex. Not porn star sex. It is like we had known each other for years. It was sex with a partner that knows you...knows what you like..what turns you. I think that’s rare so life is short...

I have another date on Monday. I know...weird huh. But that’s what I needed to experience. I am ready to date. I know what I’m looking for....


  1. I realize this was not your main point, but this sentence was a shock: "I do not think I’m good at sex." Huh? You've been with how many guys?

    Yes, getting a gay guy to have sex with you is easy. And just because you can bed them, that doesn't make you "good at sex". But doesn't experience make you better? And with all your experience shouldn't you be pretty damn good? I'm amazed you think otherwise.

  2. We can discuss your post if you like in person. Welcome back to Boston.