Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Needs versus Wants

My grandmother always says there is a big difference between needs and wants.  I want a big chocolate brownie but I probably do not need one as I had a piece of cheesecake yesterday. I struggle with needs and wants. I probably only need a few things: shelter, water and food. But our marketing society tells us otherwise.

This is even more apparent in the USA. Here you are bombarded by advertisements for drugs, informercials for gym equipment and fear tactics. “Bad breath??? - you need this...and that...” - “are you fat???” do this and use that. Of course all have very fast spoken disclaimers “Side effects may include seizures, fainting spells, anal warts and or death.”

America has been labelled Prozac nation, with estimates that more than 50% of the population is on some sort of mood elevator. This is the only country in the world where they sell anti depressants for people already on anti depressants (anti-anti-depressants).Here many patients get their prescriptions from television and pushy drug makers lobby doctors. Probably why there is no universal health cover.

Back to needs and wants. I’m learning that I need less than what I think...I can live with a suitcase of clothes. I do not need so much baggage - stuff...both emotional and physical. I’m lucky to have what I have...and people all over the world have less...need less. It is liberating...

My friends have started calling me a “gypsy.” I’m ok with the term. I’m just a traveller wondering from place to place...learning. I’ve never been happy. Everyday is an adventure. Amazing sights...and fellow travelers. I’ve met some amazing people along the way - from each person I take something...I walk away learning something. Everyone does have a story.

I’ve finally realised that I do not need another person to complete. I may never have a partner...or not in the next five years (that’s my average time between relationships). And that’s ok. No panic, no fear. I can travel the world in six months, six continents and be content....happy blessed. I do not need a man, a boyfriend or partner. It would be nice but I am just as content without one. I can have a relationship with me. I can learn from friends, strangers...the world.

I think I also needed to be needed. I see families, children, couples....someone needs them. I often wonder if anyone needs me? if anyone cares that I am no longer there...maybe that’s the price of being a gypsy. No one needs you. It is the challenge when you do not need anyone.

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