Monday, September 12, 2011


I’m very interested in human our need to connect with other human beings. In my opinion this is what really drives us...that need to feel. It is what really matters in the end...not our work, salaries, cars or homes..but really those connections.

Today is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the USA. I have been watching some of the coverage on television. Most of it focuses on the victims...and their messages of the loss of a connection by the survivors. There were many messages of love recorded on 911 calls and answering machines from those on planes and on the world towers. We are reminded to count our blessings... “do what you plan to do tomorrow today...say what you need to say now. Hug your loved ones tighter today,” said one of the survivors on TV.

Tragic events change us....near death experiences put things into perspective. Death is so final. There’s no way to undo it.... it is never too late until death. I have not had much experience with death - until the recent suicides of two close friends. I still feel them... “hear” or “see” them. I miss them. I miss our connections.

Even though technology has made us more connected (I can skype friends in Sydney, download TV shows from South Africa and view traffic cameras in Bogota), people are feeling more and more isolated and alone, according to various surveys. We live in cities full of people....we have options...high standard of living yet rates of depression have never been higher. Even though we seem more connected...there is a lot of disconnection.

I’m working on my connections. This weekend I feel re-connected to a number of Boston friends. I have also made two new connections - both through the blog. I think that’s the most positive thing about this blog - the connections, the friendships I’ve made. From all over the world...these may be my thoughts or fears but they resonate with others. The human experience and journey is similar. What we seek is similar.

Everyone has a story...the woman on the subway; the waterpolo player on the plane...3.6 amazing connections.

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