Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chase Me if you Can

So DC boy got me sick. I have pash sore throat. I really know how to pick them. I’m not sure if it is my body reacting in some way - but whenever I have a full on pash session I end up with a sore throat, fever and overall yukky feeling.

Last Friday night I had date #4 (sleep over #2) with DC boy - the Catholic boy I met in Rome. For a bit I thought he was standing me up. He was running late from his happy hour. I was not happy sitting at the restaurant waiting for him - but he did pay for dinner and I drank a few cocktails.

What I do not like about DC guy is that he fits my normal boy patterns - he likes to be chased and I chase him. I feel like I’m the one booking the next dates, messaging him, etc. He told me he’s not a chaser - more like a catcher. I think everyone likes to be chased - but for a relationship to really work it takes two to chase! What I do like about DC guy is that he is a great kisser and he knows how to push all my physical buttons. And kiss we did...for hours...all night....body contact...sex...and start all over. DC boy likes it when I stay over. Normally I would really enjoy this, except that I can never actually get any sleep when I sleep next to a boy.

So by Sunday, I had a sore throat. Monday I had a fever and was feeling yukky. Thoughts of seroconversion ran through my mind. “OMG I have HIV!” I did get tested a few weeks ago. I’m usually very good but I did let DC guy inside without a uniform. But he did put it on after a bit. No body fluids were exchanged. Never google Seroconversion symptoms on the internet. Pretty much any flu or cold resembles on the onset of HIV.

I know. I should know better. But in the heat of the moment - barebacking can be a romanticised way to have gay intimacy. And I wanted DC guy in - for a bit without any barriers. But like most guys I like, I somehow end up hurt - luckily I have not been eating any solids so I’m sure that I’ve lost at least 2 kgs. There is a silver lining in everything.

I’ve decided not to contact DC guy again. I have not recovered yet and I’m not at all horny - nothing like reading about HIV to not get me into the mood. If he wants to see me again, he’ll need to chase me.


  1. Get some rest and feel better (or should I say bettah)...

  2. "In the heat of the moment..."

    Hey there.

    Two months ago good friend (who was neg) had unsafe sex with a poz boy. Poz boy was on top. After that fateful night, my neg friend was rushed to a hospital and put on immediate drug treatment in the hopes that he would stave off sero-conversion.

    It might be intimate to let someone in undressed, but I think that that is utter stupidity. You never know who has what - when.

    I'd rather not hear one day that you got tested and came up POZ. That would be a real shame.

    Don't be stupid again.