Saturday, September 10, 2011

Boston Memories

I am in Boston, Massachusetts. It was where I went to University...where I spent the best four years of my the late 1990s. I wanted to come back and see where it all happened and catch up with special friends...and places.

I find that in order to figure my future, I need to revisit my past. That’s what this trip is all about...going back home...visiting friends and family...learning about the past...whether it is in Rome or Istanbul or Boston. I love history. It was one of my favourite courses at college.

I used to have a lecture in this old planetarium building. It was a huge hall, there were probably 300 students. It was dark and comfy. Most of my fellow classmates would sleep through the lectures. My professor had this amazing voice - deep and with authority. His lectures were like stories..about the past. He’s who I picture when I think of God - he had a beard and just seemed so wise..he knew it all! He told us all about history from 1945. Best class I ever took. He used to always say that in order to know the future, you only needed to study the past. It is true...history repeats itself sometimes...over and over again.

I walked through the lecture halls again and through the campus - most of it had not changed. I was surprised by how young the students looked - or maybe it was the fact that I was feeling old. I went to my old faculty buildings, my old dorms...the library, the student union....the coffee shop. I have many fond memories of this place..this city. This is where I had my first gay sexual relationship...where I met my first gay friend...where I came out to another person...where I decided to run away to Australia.

The American college experience is very live in a small bubble...all of your friends are within walking distance. You are constantly learn about yourself more than anything else. It is a very positive environment. When I graduated it was the dot com boom...we were all going to work in start ups and change the world. We were so active...excited...full of enthusiasm and energy.  Life was full of opportunities and hope...and luckily for still is...there’s still a college student in there...I’ll probably be a student for life.


  1. Apparently history does repeat itself... "Welcome to Boston". I hope you won't be chilly after visiting such warm locations.

  2. I have the fondest memories of Boston too. My time living in that part of the world was life changing. I woke up in the mornings with a smile on my face and there was a definite spring in my step.

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