Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arrivals and Departures

When you are a traveller...there are always arrivals and departures....a bit like in life really. Ends and beginnings. I can’t believe my month in DC and the USA has come to an end. Time seriously flies when you are having fun.

I think I accomplished everything on my mental list. I spend time with my family, I experienced this city like I never did when I grew up here. I applied for jobs, wrote and met some amazing people. I dated a great guy - and had hot porn sex with a black guy. My batteries are charged, my suitcase a bit heavier...(and I am too) and I’m ready for my next continent.

I ate my way through Washington DC. I think I know why Americans are so fat. There’s just so much food available. And yes, everything comes with French fries...and a salad and a five litter cup of Coke for only 2 cents more.

I’m not sure if DC is the place for me..but it is definitely a special place for me. I got in touch with a lot of memories and friends from the past. I feel like my relationships have been reinvigorated and with has my soul. I got my self esteem back...I feel (could be all those donuts)...even if I could loose 4 kilos. There is really someone for everyone in America. No matter what you’re into..what your scene is...there’s someone who’s into it.

Start spreading the news...I’m coming to New York. A good city to end my American adventure. More food, friends and museums.

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  1. Sounds like Stella got her groove back (to paraphrase a 90s flick I enjoyed).