Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turkish Love Making

“I think I could fall in love,” wrote Turk #2. It was the sweetest text message I have received in a long..long time. We had just met last weekend and he had told me never to trust what Turkish men say, but still sweet. I need those kinds of messages.

In Sydney, I was just lucky if the guy told me the time of day.

Many gay guys here want to show me how to make Turkish Love. I”m not sure what that entirely means...but I think it involves me giving pleasure to them and them thinking they are with a woman. I’m not sure I want to find out. I’m happy with Turk #2. He’s coming up from Ankara for the weekend so hopefully we will get to see each other.

He says he wants to get married to me - could be the visa even though gay marriage is not legal either here or in Australia. Turks seem to be expressive...even if they are checking out another guy while they tell you how much they like you.

I found the best co dependent t-shirt today. It reads “Never leave me alone.” I had to buy it. Yes. I’m needy. And no, it is not all bad. We all have needs. I’m just more up front and honest about them. Ok. I’ll start going to codependents anonymous when I settle down.

Time for my idea of Turkish Love making. Some kebab followed by Turkish delights - no need to involve a man. Although the guy on left (who is a Turkish male model) would be just as good - a lot of guys look like that by the way. Plan your next Turkish holiday!

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