Friday, August 26, 2011

Man Binge

So I do not need a man to be happy. But men and sex in particularly can be very pleasurable. Specially in the form of tall, tanned, muscular Serbian males with nice packages and who like to kiss.

My friends had warned me about coming to Serbia. “Homophobic, war criminals, aggressors,” were some of the things I had heard about Serbian men. But I have to say I am impressed by how friendly the gay men are here...and how sexy they are without the attitude. I was getting GRINDR messages from guys here that would never give me the time of day in Sydney. Frankly, I think Serbian guys just wanted to fuck...anything that was on offer.

I found myself feeling like a kid in a candy store. When in Belgrade, I figured life is short...and you should always try everything the local culture has to offer.

First up, hunky doctor. What is it with medical professionals this trip. Tall, chunky, hairy and a sex addict. “I have sex three times a day,” he told me. I was the second fuck of the day...lunch time. I guess I prefer being second than the night one! It was nice...but a bit selfish and vocal. “Open your mouth....” - dirty Serbian talker. I hope he does not talk to his patients that way. At 35, I’m really not into rabbit sex.

Second Serbian hunk - was a marketer. He’s a bit chubbier. But I have realised I like chubby...not obese but a real man. Nice smelling...solid and a great kisser. He was a bit more giving...but still it was all about him. He wanted to go again...but one ride was enough for me. “I love fucking. I fuck girls, guys..just love to fuck,” he told me. He basically is bisexual and will fuck anything that moves. Serbians have a reputation for raping thousands of women in Bosnia. Horny bastards.

Third and last is Mr cutie pie dentist. He had brackets. He told me he was 33 but he looked like he was 27. Very preppy and clean cut. He came to my hotel at 11 pm. Total booty call. He was a bit too skinny for my liking..he needs a bit of meat on him. I had promised to give him a massage - and so I did. He was not really into kissing even though we had talked about how much we liked kissing. He wanted to get right into it.

Normally, I love a nice long session but again Mr Dentist was a rabbit fucker. Ouch! There is only so much you can handle.

So I had a slutty day in Serbian...I needed to live in the moment. Do not worry - all safe - half a condom box gone. Serbian boys are very considerate - clean and into safe sex!


  1. wow! serbia is keeping you busy, isn't it. do you even have the time or energy to sightsee??!?

    by the way love the contrast between this post and the previous one. you could even call it irony, lol.

  2. I think I'll nickname you Thumper. LOL