Sunday, July 17, 2011


It has been a week since my last post. I know. I’ve been slack. I guess instead of writing about my life, I’ve been living it. I’ve spent the last week, walking around this amazing city. I think I know why Romans do not gain any weight even though they consume large amounts of carbs....walking.

The public transport in Rome is not very good. They are building a third subway line, but like everything else in is delayed. They are taking their time. So everyone walks...and I get to walk to the Colosseum or to the Vatican.

I take long walks around sunset which here is late. I have been going to the Colosseum pretty much every day. I just sit and watch it as the sun sets. It is amazing. I am not bored by the city at all. Everyday I find a new building, a new water fountain or a new lane or cafe. I’m trying different neighborhoods.

I went out on a semi date with a lovely Italian guy who had lived in Barcelona. He wanted to practice his Spanish and I wanted to get to know some real Roman areas - away from the tourists. He took me to San Giovanni, a couple of metro stops from where I live... not tourists! We had aperitivo - Italian happy hour. You buy one drink and get free food...for hours.

I realise that italians take time...their time for can spend an hour at the post office getting stamps..or you can spend four hours having dinner. No one sleeps yet the country somehow operates...the important things are food and communication. Time is such a luxury in some countries.

Andrea has not contacted me since our last meeting. I guess that Italian men are a bit like Sydney men. It’s ok.

Ironically, I’m spending a lot of time on my own..on long bookshops. I loose myself in the city...walking. And It is ok. I left Sydney to find my great love but I’m starting to find myself.

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  1. "I left Sydney to find my great love but I’m starting to find myself."

    Love it.

    And I am very excited for you.