Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I had heard that Naples had the best looking Italians and the best pizza in Italy. So when my classmate Valeria from the Ukraine recommended we go on Sunday, I did not hesitate. Pizza and ragazzi (men!) sounds good to me. So off we went on the morning train.

Naples or Napoli is only about an hour an a half on the express train from Rome. We had been told to expect less English speakers in Rome which suited us just fine. I am finding that whenever I try to use my limited Italian in Rome, everyone just responds in English. It is like they are too busy to be patient with my very limited vocabulary.

We arrived at the central station after lunch time and headed straight for the waterfront in search of good pizza. Valeria wanted to find the pizza shop in Eat, Love, Pray but I was way too hungry. Any pizza would do really. I still do not understand how the guys can be so fit with all this amazing food - we finished our Napoli pizza with some gelato. It is very hot in Italy at the moment. I love heat - plus it is dry heat. My tan is amazing - I look so dark!

Everyone was right. The men here are even hotter than Rome. I think they are more Italian - more Mediterranean. They are definitely younger - and the fashions were different to Rome. A lot of rolled up jeans shorts - tight t shirts and chains. If the guys weren’t making out with girls, I would swear that they were GAY! They had beautiful hair - great eyebrows...perfect skin and beautiful eyes. What’s in the water? or the pizza...Valeria and I wondered.

We passed several beach towns on the way to Napoli. The view was that of a postcard. My feet were sore when I came back from Rome. Maybe I’ll burn all of those pizza calories with all this walking.


  1. sawasdee ka.

    i come to visit naka.


  2. WOW I like your story..Your way to express your ideas and feelings are fantastic..I would like to say Thanks who post this..Napoli Pizza - DC