Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Italian

I met my first Italian ragazzo (guy). And no that is not a picture of him. That's a hot Italian model.His name is Andrea. We met on GRINDR. He works in the area and he agreed to help me with my Italian. We met for aperativo (after work). This is the Italian version of happy hour. Italians never serve you alcohol without feeding you. So you pay for drinks and you get free tapas. It is a student’s dream.

He is tall, dark features and has a small beard. He looked just as cute in person. Hello....Pronto...Prego!!!

His English was much better than my Italian. I learned that I could actually flirt in Italian...specially after two glasses of vino rosso. Italian gay men are so masculine - it is a real turn. Ok, I’m generalising but the ones I have met are so masculine in comparison to camp old queen in Sydney.

So we chatted. His name is Andrea and he works in communications - marketing. He likes to travel a lot but has not visited Australia...only America. He’s 33 and lives with his sister in northern Rome. Meeting guys is somewhat difficult for him as he can’t bring them home. It is actually an issue for a lot of guys in Rome as they all live with family or with flatmates. No one can afford to live by themselves.

It was a perfect Roman date. Wine, a kiss and a bit of Italian here and a bit of English there. I saw him again on Friday night. We met at Villa Borghese - Rome’s very own Central Park. This used to be a bit plantation and palace back when this part of Rome was the countryside and it took a day or two to arrive to Rome. It is an amazing park now which is open to the public and home to a number of museums. Inside there are lovely gardens and a large lake where you can rent boats and paddle around waters filled with ducks, swans and turtles.

My Italian took me there - and we again made out in the bushes. Villa Borghese becomes a beat after dark - I guess gay men back 2,500 years ago also needed a place to hook up. It was a lovely spot -a perfect summer night - not too cold or warm and a bright moon.

We ended up going back to my place and we had sex like students - on a single bed. It had been a while since I had sex in a single bed. I think it was back when I was in college. It is not comfortable - but it was sweaty. His sexual vocabulary was limited and so was we just used non verbal communication.

I have a suspicion that the Italian may be married or leading a secret life. I told him my bed was really uncomfortable and that we should go to his place next time. He said he could never bring anyone there - a wife maybe? mother? who knows.

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