Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Italian Melody

My Italian teacher Marco says Italian is like a song...you need to have a melody...there’s a certain sing feel to it. Today was my second day of class. There’s about 12 of us...all from different parts of the world. There are the two American guys doing their study abroad, the token Asian girl from Singapore, two Dutch, three Mexicans, 1 Brazilian, a German lady, one from Iceland and me.

We had to introduce ourselves on the first day - in Italian say why we decided to study in Rome. I wanted to tell them that I was hoping to find love, to meet my Italian husband who would take me away to Tuscany to feed me pasta and wine. But I only learned the words for “my name is and I’m from Australia. I study Italian because I like it.”

I realised it is actually hard to study another language. I forgot how hard it is...it has been a while since I learned a different language. Knowing Spanish helps. I feel sorry for the Dutch girls. They have no clue what the teacher is saying - and have the most terrible pronunciation. The Americans are not doing any better - they speak Italian with no melody as though they are trying to speak Spanish like gringos!

In Italian, like in life there are a lot of rules to remember. This article follows these words, except when they start with a vowel. The grammar part is the part that I find the most boring....I like when we do our role play. Yesterday, we learned how to ask someone about a bus stop.

Scusi, e questa la fermata de l’autobus centotrentra?

no, debe andare in fondo a la estrada a destra.

I used this the other day - and I was understood. The person on the street did not respond in the same way I learned. But still it is progress.

I am having a bit of culture shock. It is normal after all. I am in a foreign country - trying to learn a new language and culture. Rome is just as I expected but it is a bit pricey. Everything here is double the cost of Australia. If only my savings were in Euro. But then again, it is hard to put a price on this experience. It is an investment in me...and I should not be cheap with me.

I love to sit in a piazza and just hear and see people go by - Italian men are very attractive and well dressed. There are arguments on the street - couples kissing; lots of hand gestures and loud speaking. You are never alone in Rome even if at the moment I am feeling a bit lonely.

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