Monday, July 4, 2011

Bella Roma

Sam and I arrived to Roma on Saturday. I’m home. It feels like a dream. I started my Italian course today.

My teacher said Rome was built for the outdoors. There are piazzas everywhere....cafes, wine bars, music all hours of the day. Great city for a single guy are never alone no matter where you go in Rome.

I’m living in a beautiful four bedroom flat with four flatmates. One American guy - Joseph. He’s here for a few months just traveling. I suspect he’s gay. There’s Filippo who is a 22 year old computer student. He mostly spends his time in his room. He speaks very little English so we never talk. There is a Ghana guy who I have yet to formally meet as he is never around. And then there is Giovanni...a 32 year old Italian student. He speaks a little bit of English and is my crush. He’s beautiful. I share the room next to him.

My room faces a very noisy road (but Rome is noisy) and I have a wonderful window and room with high ceilings. I suspect the building is 500 years old - very much what I expected. It is hot.

I start formal classes this afternoon. The school has over 200 students - Americans, Russians, Germans, Dutch, Chinese. I am the only Australian in the beginners class.

I live in Termini near the station - this is an odd area full of migrants - lots of Chinese. It is strange to me to see Chinese people speaking fluent Italian. I know it is normal as this is Italy but just a bit odd.

Sam and I have been walking..a lot. We’ve seen the Vatican and Colosseum. Sam goes back to America tomorrow. Then my real journey will begin. I’m just doing the touristy Rome for now. My school has a full schedule of activities planned - we did also check out the gay scene which is a bit underground.

I realise this sounds like a post card - just not enough time to write! The food is amazing - I have already gained 2kgs on this trip!

But Rome is beautiful in summer - la dolce vita!


  1. Have a great new start!
    Benvenuti a Roma

  2. Can't wait til you write more about Rome!

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