Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Table for Two

We are in Bodrum. Just two of us, Sam and I. Victor stayed in Istanbul to see his family. Bodrum is a holiday resort in the south east of Turkey. It is very popular with Brits and other Europeans.

It no longer feels like we are in Turkey (except for the Mosques and call to prayer) you could easily think you were in Greece. The weather is amazing, cloud less days and cool nights. I can see why the Brits (who often do not see much sun) want to come down here.

The beaches are full of young sun worshipers (sometimes in small speedos) and the drinks are cheap.

We spent the day in the beach yesterday. Sam and I are travel buds. We met in Sydney about six years ago when he was doing a work stint. He was going through a bad break up - he had come to Sydney with his Scottish boyfriend but the minute they stepped off the plane they broke up. It was his first love and Sam took it badly.

We became friends (after a few non dates) and since he moved back to the states, we’ve done a few trips together: China, Hawaii, San Fran and now Turkey. Sam is in many ways a total opposite to me: he is reserved, quiet, drinks a lot and uses the word fuck. But we seem to travel well - low maintenance for an American. We are both romantics - always saying that on our next holiday we’ll bring our partners. We’re both husband hunting - confused as to why such great guys like us (employed, drug free, attractive) are still single!

We talked about life and relationships - a favorite topic of gay men and Turks. Everyone seems to want to settle down. It is nice to travel with friends  - but nicer to travel with someone you love - boyfriend, partner, husband. Bodrum is made for couples - romantic walks on the beach, romantic dinners on the beach, sunsets....you see couples everywhere. It is a perfect holiday destination. Even the managers at our hotel thought we were a couple - they wanted to give us a double bed. “We’re just friends,” thank you very much.

I fear being alone. I wonder if I’ll ever take that romantic holiday with my ideal partner. Travel is my passion. My last boyfriend only wanted to travel to English speaking countries. I hope to travel to at least 70% of the world before I die. I want to travel with someone I love...I want to tell the hotel manager “yes, we’re a couple. We’ll take that double bed with rose petals on it!”

Sometimes single life is like being in a few city - you’re looking for that new neighborhood and the next adventure. Sam and I are not sure we’ll have perfect husbands for our next planned holiday - maybe we’ll be traveling together until we are 60. Boyfriends and partners may come and go but good friends will stick around and drag you to many places.


  1. Nah... Don't say that. Of course you'll find someone to share the joys of traveling with. It's only a matter of time. Most likely it will happen when least expected.
    My boyfriend shares that passion with me as well and I'm so happy for that. All the money we make we spend traveling. We're always up for a road trip and small escapes here and there in the UK. This year we've also been to Venice, Paris, Edinburgh and we're off to Greece in a week. :-)

  2. Its great to travel with a partner, but its better to travel with someone who you love travelling with. I'm lucky, I have both in the same person, but I'm glad that you are not one of those people waiting for "The One" before you decide to travel.

    Really enjoying reading your posts.


  3. great post - aren't we all just waiting for that special someone?
    have fun travelling!