Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stonehenge and British Sex

Jim and I decided to visit Stonehenge yesterday. It was built around 3,000 BC. They still do not know what it really was...a temple? an observatory? the purpose still remains a mystery. But thousands of tourists travel each year to see it. It seems to be just a pile of rocks, but like many things in life we want to find meaning in it.

Humans are constantly trying to find meaning in their lives...why are we here? what is the meaning of life? What does it all mean? We probably never find any meaning but we keep trying...

After Stonehenge we decided to find some simple meaning in sex...we decided to check the famous Vauxhall sauna Chariots. Saunas are sorta like gay spas - expect you are naked (well you wear a towel). You can visit the turkish bath, sauna, jacuzzi...or just meet people at the bar. You can watch porn or go to the secret rooms to have sex. It is all very European....interesting.

I normally do not go to Saunas. Why pay for sex when it is free - it is like paying for water. But when in as the Europeans. The place was not so busy for a Tuesday night. But still there were some cuties - it is a bit like window shopping...find something you like...try it on in the change rooms and then buy.

I saw a cute tall guy - nice smile and dimples. Yes. He’s semi naked and I’m looking at dimples. Jim thought I should go after him. I’m really shy. Jim is very confident in these places. I on the other hand feel fat - ugly and not up to standard.

So I begin the chase. We make eye contact and he tells me his name is Richard. Cute accent - British. I had not had much luck with British guys in the past - they were all heartbreakers. But I’m a soccer for that cute accent. And dimples?

It was nice (British guys are not all assholes). There was foreplay...cuddling post sex. It was nice...romantic. He was all into me. I’m trying not to use sex as validation - but you can’t help but feel good after a hot guy is really into you. Maybe he was just saying things to get into my pants (or maybe he actually meant them). I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

My time is done in London - great friends, history and boys. Not bad for my second week of travel. What have I learned? beside the history of Stonehenge? hmmm


  1. lol... Romantic in the 'Chariots'? That must be a first.
    Not all people going to saunas are assholes. I can totally understand how it can be convenient to meet people like that: anonymously and in a relatively safe area. I believe it's better that walking around in the woods. They're not very clean though...

  2. Lesson: guys w/ dimples are worth chasing?