Friday, June 3, 2011

Me Love You A Long Time

They say sex sells. It seems in Bangkok sex is for sale..everywhere...from money boys, to sex change operations for A$1500 or ping pong can’t help but see naked men or women anytime you get on a taxi. If you are a foreigner, you’re constantly being harassed to buy fake watches, porn and see one of the sex shows.

Older Western gentlemen flock to Thailand...for a bit of attention and a bit of luving...sure it may be something they have to pay for... but who says love is ever free? I can’t help but wonder and think if there is always a cost for love? either a financial cost or an emotional one? We sacrifice jobs, careers, savings...all searching and wanting love...we put up with abuse relationships at times...just to hold on to it.

And many men pay for is an easy = Thai love. I get a lot of messages on GRINDR from Thai guys. Some say they just want to practice their English or show me Bangkok. I worry that they only thing they want to see is money. One guy was at least honest: “Hello my name din. i am looking who can help me pay rent room If you can help me I can have sex with you.”

Poverty in many developing countries drives many poor people into the sex industry. Sex sells...and I’m sure many Thais probably make a better living selling their bodies than working a regular job. After all there is a big demand for sex - from rich Russian tourists to older Australian or straight.

In college, I had a professor who used to talk about his “adopted son” in Thailand. The professor was probably in his 60s, creepy and sleazy. He once invited me to his house for dinner and I left before he could touch me. I had not been to Thailand then but during my first trip I thought about my 60 year old professor and his “adopted son.” It all made sense.

Although I’ve never paid for sex, I have no issues with paying for a massage -another activity popular in Thailand. Although many offer a happy ending, I find it too relaxing to be sexually aroused. A few have tried going down under - but I’m not really into it. I wonder if paying for a massage is any different than paying for sex...after all you are paying for someone to touch you - to make you feel good.


  1. What does love really mean in this case? I think you have people who are willing to exchange money for what they think is love – and people willing (or maybe desperate) to accept it in exchange for other, a better life, freedom.

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