Sunday, June 19, 2011


In London I went to gay heaven. In Istanbul, I went to Love. The place where gay boys find love...temporary or long term. It is the happening gay club in Istanbul where drinks are strong and so are the bar tenders. My friend Victor who is Turkish and Myra and I decided to check out the scene...when in Istanbul. We had to take a power nap as clubbing does not get going until 1 am. It was the latest I went out in a really long time..normally I’m coming home..not going out at 1 am.

There is something very sexy about Mediterranean Turkish men...maybe it is all that testosterone which could explain why they go bold. But you do not see the camp types you would see in Sydney. A gay club is a gay club no matter where in the world it is’ll hear Gaga and Britney and Whitney - the usual gay anthems. But the guys seemed friendly..except it was hazy...even though smoking is not allowed, I think Victor, Myra and I were the only non smokers.

I learned from Victor’s friends that finding Love at Love is just as tricky as in other parts of the world. “All the men are either gay or married,” one girl told me. It sounded like a broken record. Amazing that in a city of 17 million people, you could not find a date.

I was not hoping to find love at Love but possibly see the cute Turkish doctor who I met at Heaven in London. I wondered if all the Turkish men at Love were as good kissers as him.

I left Love early - without a Turkish pash and enough second hand smoke to shorter my life by five years...and was amazed to see the traffic at 3:30 am in Istanbul. People were just going out...finishing drinks and getting ready to party - there was a full on rush hour. I ensured that Myra arrived safely home.

The music from the club was still buzzing in my head - that and the two drinks I had at Love were keeping me up. I logged onto GRINDR to realise that my other doctor friend was logged in...maybe he was getting ready to head out. This Turkish doctor was a pediatrist. He was my height, good body and thinning hair. We chatted online a bit and I told him about my experiences at Love. “I never go there cause I do not smoke,” he told me. I think he was the only Turkish guy who did not smoke.

We decided to catch up on Sunday night - not for Love but just for a Turkish tea. I went over to his area, a suburb in the south of Istanbul. This was less trendy than Taksim and more Turkish - more Muslim too. Doctor #2 was single, and had only recently started sleeping with men. He was only out to his sister. “I’m single because in Turkey I cannot have a boyfriend. Everyone would gossip,” he told me. His family lived upstairs in the same building where his apartment is located. He lives in a spacious 3 bedroom flat.

After a second cup of tea, he made his move. Yum. It is official. All Turkish men are great kissers. He was sweet. Expressive. Talented (physically) and definitely knew what he was to press buttons. There are the selfish guys who just want to cum and guys who like to seduce. The doctor was the latter type - full check up. “When will I see you again?” he told me. “I can’t believe you do not have a boyfriend,” he added.

All I need. A boyfriend in Istanbul when I’m moving to Rome. I wanted to tell Victor’s friend that all the good ones are married or living in Istanbul.

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  1. Wow...didn't realise Turkey was open enough to have a gay bar. My friend had to wear a ring when she was there with her boyfriend (who was on a diplomatic posting) to pretend they were married.