Thursday, June 9, 2011

London Calling

I survived the twelve hour trip to London via Zurich. The whole journey actually took more like 20 hours when you take into account transit, travel and airport waiting time. It still amazes me that in a few hours, you can travel from one side of the world to the other. I left hot and steamy Bangkok and arrived in partly cloudy and rainy London.

I often wonder if I was born in the wrong continent. I must say I love Europe.  Maybe it is because I love history. There is so much history in Europe...200 years is so young! Australia truly is a baby. With history there is knowledge and appreciation for the important things in life. And European men are pretty hot too!

It is as though Europeans have matured. I always like older (not old!) men and I seem to do well in Europe. On my flight from Zurich to London, there were the cutest men in suits. It was a flight to London City airport, so the hottest and most masculine men were on it..reading the financial times, in their perfect suits with matching perfect briefcases. It was a nice welcome to Europe's financial capital.

The immigration officer asked me what my profession was...I answered honestly - "student." What are you studying? he asked. I wanted to say life. But I explained what my previous job was in Australia and what I was doing in Rome. I think he was suspicious by all the stamps on my passport. He gave me a reassuring smile and entry into the UK for 90 days.

I feel like I belong in Europe. One of my greatest loves (to date) was European (British) so I think the odds of finding my great love in Europe are good....there’s something about the men over here...they are just dam me at least. And they are more open to a wide range of nationalities...

Before my husband hunting begins, I met up with a great friend from Sydney, Jim who moved to London back in March. I missed him. He and I are similar in many ways and we both travel very well together. I was surprised by how much weight he had lost! I almost did not recognise him.

Leaving Sydney was one of the best things that happened to him. I guess everyone is constantly changing...evolving...moving....developing. I never thought he would actually it was good to see him in London.  It was as though I had taken the best of Sydney with him.

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  1. Welcome to my city. I hope you enjoy your stay! :-)