Monday, June 27, 2011

Lawyer, Dancing and Bodrum

I know. It has been a week. I guess I have been too busy living life to write about it. I have fallen in love...with Istanbul. I guess like with any relationship in the early stages, I have neglected my friends and my blog. I love the energy here and for the first time in a really long time, I feel happy. I feel really happy - excited about life and excited about what tomorrow will bring...another adventure, another magical discovery, another boy??

I can’t help but wonder if this is what life should be like always - all the time.

I went to Starbucks and met up with a cute lawyer. He was young and Turkish but had a lovely smile. Turks are happy people - the economy can be crap, it can be expensive to live in Istanbul - but they’ll eat, drink and be happy. This is a very different Muslim country to others I have visited - they like their alcohol and the partying starts at 1 am. It is more Mediterranean then Muslim.

So back to the lawyer. He’s lovely...his English is not that great but we communicate. He works near Taksim and he lives at home with his mother and sister. This is normal in Turkey. Everyone lives at home until they get married.

We talk and talk about travel, work and gay life in general. He tells mea bout Tek Yon, this club I need to try out on Friday. Tek Yon actually means one way - as in a street sign.

He asks where I am staying...and wether he can kiss me at my hotel. How sweet. I text Victor to see if he is in the room. He’s out. I tell the lawyer to walk with him heading for my hotel. There are two guys at reception and I’m pretty sure they will not let the lawyer inside. There are strict no guest polices at most hotels - specially for male to male visitors.

But it is only 7:30 pm. So I hesitate. But what the hell. He’s a cute lawyer. Kissing is allowed! So I take him in and the hotel guy says something in Turkish. I tell him in English that this is a friend of mine who is collecting something I brought back from Australia - he tells him something in Turkish and writes down our room number.

We start kissing in the elevator. I feel the beer rash. We get in and get into the shower. I was surprised we could both get inside. I tell him I’m giving him a hamam (minus the painful massage) and he laughs. We kiss some more. These Turks know how to kiss...even the young ones. They can make something like kissing so passionate and special.

I had to meet my friend Sam for dinner. The lawyer decides to join us. In Australia, a guy would leave the minute he climaxes. In Turkey, he takes you out for dinner - along with your travel companion. We went to Midpoint a lovely restaurant in Taksim overlooking the city. It was a great date - plus Sam. It was sorta the other way around - sex and then date. The lawyer told us more about Turkey, more about his life (closeted) and his siblings and other things we should do while in Istanbul. I tried to ensure Sam did not feel like the third wheel. It was the first time I had a date with a shag.

On Friday we did go to Tak Yon. It was a typical gay club -except for the fact that it was playing Turkish music. There were so many cute guys - but no sign of the lawyer guy. We had less smoke and more dancing than our last night out in Istanbul. This time to avoid being hung over we stuck to water (Su). But like the Turks, we did not start our night until 12:30 pm and ended up going to bed at 4 am. No picking up, just hanging out with the boys.

I saw the Turk again on Saturday. He kindly agreed to take me to buy a cable adapter for my computer. Yesterday was the last time I would get to see him. He’s so sweet and giving. We had a good time and chat about life - about relationships - the challenges of gay relationships in Turkey. It is rare that you connect with someone so quickly - but I had been warned about these Turks by Myra - their passion and intensity is amazing and I found myself feeling sad when I said goodbye to him. I promised to keep in touch, to come back to Istanbul after Rome.

Today we flew to Bodrum on the south east coast of Turkey - a beachside resort town which feels more like Greece.

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