Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Journey

A long trip is a bit like life...the destination does not become important but it is all about the journey - the people you will meet, the things you will see and the food you will enjoy.

Sometimes traveling alone can be a bit like being single. I’ve been single for a while...I’m used to it..although I often wonder and wish that I would like to be to travel with a partner. I’m very passionate about travel. Some people get joy from decorating their houses, buying a fast car, or having more money in the, I get excited about filling in my passport with exotic stamps for faraway countries. I hope to visit every country of the world before I far I’m up to 45...150 to go!

Traveling alone can have its never know who you will meet. But it can also be lonely. I always try to remember that I may be lonely, but I’m not alone. I’ve got a very supportive group of friends and family.

My first trip abroad was when I was three years old. My parents took me from Colombia to Disney World in California. I think since then I’ve had the travel bug. I lived in the USA and then Australia. My job takes me overseas every other month. I feel comfortable at airports yet I sometimes cry on planes.

This journey is beginning with familiar faces. My friend Jenny is in Bangkok from East Timor where she recently completed a contract for a job. She is more like the sister I never had but always wanted, we both share a passion for adventure. Jenny inspired me to come on this journey and it was appropriate that we should start the journey together.

In the last few years, Jenny has been filling up her own passports with journeys that have taken her to Guatemala, USA, Spain, Italy and most recently East Timor. She’s off for a year to work in Kenya. She’s very driven and I’m sure she’ll end up working overseas for a number of years. I’m excited as it means that I can come and visit her.

Even though we never spend a lot of time in the same country, when we do catch up we start off where we left off. There is no need for introductions or background..she knows me better than I know myself. We’ve been there through shitty times for each other...we’ve travelled together...she’s my confidant. I can be totally honest with her...and she’ll be the mirror I cannot hide from. In many ways, she’s a soulmate...and I know we’ll be friends forever even if she is living in the Sudan. She’s always an email away and knows what’s going on with me...even if I’m on my own journey.

I’m proud of her...she’s a real adventurer and has been persistent in achieving her career.  She’s a person who’s part of my journey. We both do not know where we will end up...but we both know the importance of the journey.

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