Thursday, June 16, 2011


I just landed in Istanbul, Turkey. I have always been fascinated by Turkey. I was meant to come here 6 years ago with a boyfriend. But unfortunately we broke up a month before our planned trip. He ended up going and I ended up going to Germany, where ironically I met a number of Turks. Germany has the biggest population of Turks outside of Turkey.

There is something magical and mystical about this city..which lies between two continents. I am staying in Taksin, a cute area in the Europe side of Istanbul. So technically I am still in Europe...even after a 3 hour flight from London.

I can see the contrast and the cultural clashes - a modern metropolis that looks European on the outside but still very much Turkish on the inside. The men seem very masculine and attractive...definitely looking forward to exploring that...

I am meeting my friend Myra. She used to live in the Gold Coast until about two months ago. She took a holiday with her mum and came to Turkey. She took one of those organised tour groups - she’s Japanese. She ended up falling in love with her tour guide. She went back to Australia and quit her job (she was very unhappy with her work) and decided to come back for a few months - she’s dong a Turkish course. She’s very un Japanese - giving it up all for a chance at love. I think she was inspired by my own decision. After all, how many guys do you actually have a spark with? worth chasing them.

We were all worried and suspicious about this Turkish guy - did he want money? a visa? We had heard of these scams by Turkish men to try to seduce western girls. But she seems happy - and it is all very romantic...a Turkish does happen...sometimes when you least expect it. There are happy Turkey and Thailand.

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  1. I wonder if there are actual gay Turkish baths. :-) Just judging by your new profile photo, you look so much happier (still just as cute ;-)... This trip is obviously doing you wonders. Hope you have many more fun adventures.