Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gay Turkey

Turkey is at a cross roads - wanting to join the EU but at the same time grappling with the fact that many in the country want Turkey to be more religiously conservative. Gay culture is somewhere in the middle - alive in the large cities but still very much below the radar in the country side.

On one hand my friends tell me that Turkey has a very hereto-flexible culture - tracing its history back to the Ottoman Empire. This is not a gay life - just straight guys who have sex with other men. You see this in a lot of countries - India, middle east where sex before marriage is not possible so men fuck each other. But the top (active) is not really seen as gay - they all eventually live a heterosexual and married life. Think of the Turkish wrestling - not gay - just muscly guys wrestling semi naked and all lubed up.

This explains why every guy in Turkey seems to be a top. They are not gay guys - as one of friend put it..they do not kiss, suck, touch - just fuck and probably they pretend they are fucking a woman.

You see a few online ads for straight guys looking for very feminine bottom (passive) guys...almost to the point where they wear women’s clothes and are in the process of becoming women. There is a big transvestite and transgendered  scene in Istanbul.

The line in Turkey between straight, bisexual and gay is much thiner and blurry than in say Australia. It is ironic as this is a more conservative country - yet straight guys are more open to having sex with other men.

In Turkish, “ibne” and “oglan” mean boy. Both are used as an insult - “ibne” means “faggot”  and “ogla” gay. Boys or gays are seen as not “manly” - no beards, soft skin, female voice. In the old days, boys were equivalent to women.

Gay men in Turkey are divided into two groups: “active” ones who would never considered themselves gay and are mostly bisexual and the “passive” ones who are seen as women in bed. Therefore the top or bottom label is very important in Turkey.  Gay action in Turkey is still based on the active-passive relationship...and maybe that’s not so room for versatile guys!


  1. hi
    I am Turkish gay guy who lives in Melbourne for last 4 years. i wish i was there...oh god i missed Turkey:) hopefully ur enjoying it.

  2. Merhaba, bikomoko!
    I learned Turkish at junior high school. I didn't do too well, though.