Monday, June 6, 2011

Budhist Me

I figured as I was not having any luck with men, I decided to go in search of Buddha in Buddhist Thailand. The great thing about Bangkok is that Buddhism and Buddhist temples are literarily everywhere. Like many Buddhist countries, you can feel the spirituality.

I grew up Catholic. It was a religion that was imposed by my parents - if you are born in South America you really do not have any choice in regards to religion. Culture and religion are very much intertwined. I went to Catholic school for most of my life - and pretty much learned that everything is wrong and sin and that I am going to hell. The good news is that most of my friends will be there - which means it will be a big old party.

I am not a religious person. I do consider myself spiritual. I very much believe that we have a soul - an inner being. I like a lot some of the Buddhist concepts. I used to work with a lot of Buddhists in the past and learned a lot about this religion...mostly from their example. I think it was the healthiest work environment.

So back to me...and finding myself. After all, this journey is all about me. This blog is all about much for leading a less selfish life. As I stood in front of the many Buddha, I could not help but think about my life...where I was...where I was going...where I had been in the last twelve years.

Life can sometimes take a very strange direction. If you told me twelve years ago that I would go and move to Australia and then pack my life away on a journey that would take me to Thailand...I probably would have not believed it. The chaotic streets of Bangkok seem so far away from my life back in the states or even Sydney. It really feels like I left that life (and blog) years ago. I feel completely disconnected...alone yet not lonely...full of hope..but lacking direction....a strange place....I know where I am going but I do not know where I’ll end up. I wonder if I’ll reach Nirvana? or if this journey is just the start of something much bigger...and longer....

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