Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I love traveling to Thailand. There is something unique about the “land of smiles.” Everyone here is really happy - must have something to do with the Buddhist lifestyle. People are poor, there are political issues in the country and the traffic is horrible, yet everyone seems to be happy - such a contrast to the West where we medicate ourselves to be happy - spend hours with shrinks and no one seems to smile.

Everyone is friendly here - and not just cause they are money boys. I have been lucky in the past to travel here a number of times for work. It is always one of my favourite places. Even when I’m here for work, I feel like I’m on a holiday. There’s a tropical feel.

The weather change is nice - hot 32 degrees and sunny. It had been so cold in Sydney prior to my departure - typical winter weather with rain, rain and more rain.

I grew up Catholic but if I had to choose a religion I would want to be a Buddhist. It seems like such a positive way to live happy...happiness should be the focus of life in my opinion.

I have travelled a lot of the world and I have to say some of the happiest countries tend to be Buddhist countries (except for Brazil).

My whole journey is to be happier - I was not happy in my previous life which seems so far away...the cold and dark rainy skies on Sydney. And if you are not happy, you have two options: bitch about it (which I did for a while) or do something about it. The Buddhist would do the latter. Action is the key to happiness.

Catholicism was all about sin, about pointing all the bad things you were doing and all the bad things that were going to make you go to hell. Buddhism is about you - your happiness without hurting anyone...about letting go of anger and hate - and thinking about the positive aspects of life. The mind has such power over the body.

Thais are known for their hospitality and kindness. Unfortunately, Bangkok is also known for the sex industry. The drawback of being a foreigner man in Bangkok is I get approached by working girls and their pimps constantly. “No, I do not want a ping pong show. It is 10 am!”

Many older foreigners, gay and straight come to Bangkok to be “loved a long time.” I’m not ready to pay for love...not just yet but who knows..maybe when I’m 65 I’ll be back here...with my Thai boyfriend.

There is something mystical about Thailand...spiritual almost...and contrast...there are small temples even at bars and venues that offer sex shows. You really can get anything in Bangkok..temples, ping pong shows and even underwater sex shows.


  1. I really enjoyed Thailand when I visited but I far preferred the south to Bangkok which I found too polluted.

    I agree with you about people in Brazil being very happy as well. I've been there frequently and always enjoy my time in that country.

  2. The ping-pong show... Oh noooo!!!

    I get it cause I watched Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

  3. too bad you're no longer in bangkok.