Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Asian Fever

Ok. My first illness on this journey. I got an upper respiratory infection = basically a high fever with a very sore pain. I’m scheduled to fly to London tonight too. So yesterday I went to see a very experience doctor at some international clinic to get a shot of penicillin (yes, it does hurt a little).

I’m a sickly person. No matter where I makes me get this sore throat/slash fever. It is the fever that makes me feel more sick. It is not great...but it is a good food only liquids for a few days.

I am hoping this will be the first and last illness on this journey. It really takes it out of me....not to mention my credit card.

When I was little, I would get these things that neither of my brothers go...they got chicken pox, I got herpes zoster which never goes away and only afflicts elderly people. So when I do get sick and my immune system goes down, it flares up. It is painful and lucky for me the rash now appears on my face and my back. There is a vaccine (now) but only for those over 60. It is very rare that you get it when you are young - doctors often wondered if I was HIV positive cause young people like me just do not get those deceases.

So back to the fever - I never like to hear the sound of high fever in a foreign tropical country. There are bugs, bad water and diseases my poor and weak immune system is not ready I headed for the first international doctor.

You get a bag full of medications - but still the fever was not going down. I thought this would be it...I would die alone in some gay hotel. My mother would have to walk past the rooms decorated with images of naked me to find me. Not a happy thought. 

I dread being alone sick in a foreign country. Luckily for me, my sister (by another mother) Jenny was here to look for me. She brought me over some medicine and fluids. I was too sick to get out of bed. That’s the thing about family - blood or by friendship...they’re there for you no matter sickness and in health. She’s earned some brownie points.

I’m off to London tonight - not looking forward to the over night 12 hour flight sick. I figured I’ll take a few painkillers and try to get some sleep. The journey continues.

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  1. Oh mate I feel for you - I really do. When I am sick all I want is my bed :(